The St Bernard’s College Old Collegians Association (SBOCA) as we know it today, was incorporated in 2000 and has become the overseeing body of all its affiliates. The Association itself has been in existence since 1952. It has continued to grow strongly with a greater emphasis on providing more opportunities for its members.

The Old Collegians Association has also begun to expand and we now have a Sydney and Brisbane branch that meets every year. The Association is committed to ensuring that all Old Collegians have an avenue, wherever they are in the world, to touch base with their former School. It is hoped that in the future the Old Collegians can develop internationally.

Affiliated societies of the St Bernard’s Old Collegians Association include a wide-ranging array of sporting clubs, and the Association also has provided assistance to Old Collegian businesses through the Business Directory.

The Association has been supportive of the College in its financial appeals for a variety of different projects, and each year it runs a number of fundraising activities. The development of the St Bernard’s College Foundation has also been fully supported by the Association - the aim of the Foundation being to help source the continuous development of College facilities and to provide financial assistance to gifted and disadvantaged students.

One of the most valuable links that the Association has with the School is the awarding of financial assistance to the winners of three of the College’s major awards—The Sportsman of the Year, The Arts Person of the Year and The Social Justice Person of the year. The Association also provides grants for Old Collegians wishing to take up new and exciting challenges. The Global Gateway Grant and the Leadership in Community Grant are two examples of such programs.

Links between the St Bernard’s Old Collegians Association and the Old Collegians happen in several ways. The Strand magazine, which is published twice each year, and which is sent to all Old Collegians on the College database, Bernies Two Minute Friday an old collegian focused newsletter which is emailed every fortnight and of course the St Bernard’s College Old Collegians social media pages on Facebook and Linkedin.

If you wish to obtain further information on the St Bernard’s Old Collegians Association, contact the College Development Officer Christopher Nicholl on 03 9289 1193 or