An Academic Initiative for Years 7 to 9

Able & Ambitious is a parallel program catering for students who would benefit from a level of extension in their studies above and beyond what is achievable in a mainstream classroom. It comprises of a 'core-class' in Years 7, 8 & 9 in which students are able to engage in elective classes with the mainstream cohort. Within this core class, students explore curriculum content at an accelerated pace, giving scope for increasing the breadth of content covered.

Alternative assessment practises allow for a deeper exploration of mainstream content where creativity and academic risk-taking are in held in equal esteem. Students are required to undertake an independent 'Passion Project' which encourages them to explore and document their learning in a chosen field of interest. This chosen field will likely be interdisciplinary in nature and is unlikely to fit solely within a single curriculum area. A staff member will mentor students throughout the year to help them manage the documentation and presentation of this learning process.

At the end of the year, students in this program will then present their Passion Project to the wider community.

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