The St Bernard's Baccalaureate Program, in conjunction with RMIT gives Year 12 students an opportunity to develop practical skills and knowledge to complete their VCE and Tertiary Preparation Certificate. The multi-mode Baccalaureate is completed on campus at St Bernard's, RMIT and VET provider. Students study Units 3 and 4 English and Further Mathematics at St Bernard's two days a week, the Tertiary Preparation Certificate at RMIT two days a week, and a VET of their choosing, typically aligned with their RMIT stream.

Students select their RMIT stream based on their future career prospects and personal interests. Streams of study include Business, Engineering, Science and Health and are offered subject to minimum student numbers.

The Tertiary Preparation Certificate allows students to build and develop subject knowledge as well as academic skills to successfully undertake vocational or university studies and enhance future career opportunities after completing their VCE. Completion of this certificate provides guaranteed pathways into many other RMIT Diploma courses, if certain criteria are met.