An exciting initiative to get involved in at St Bernard’s is the St Bernard’s Social Justice Network. This group is run by parents interested in engaging actively in justice work as well as meeting on a monthly basis to see how social justice can become alive more fully in their own lives as well as their families.


We believe in the intrinsic goodness of humankind and we believe that through the positive relationships and partnerships of parents, staff and students working for social justice for all, we can help our children have a positive hopeful view of the future.

Working together, we will model and nurture an inclusive community and help build student capacity and resilience to be confident champions of justice and solidarity.

We will help to create young men characterised by their social awareness, compassion, and active gospel spirituality.


The St Bernard’s College Social Justice Program focuses on the things that will make a difference to others: generosity, reconciliation, protection of the weak, forgiveness, expressions of gratitude, inclusion, sharing of resources and service.The Social Justice Network was established in 2012 - it is made up of parents who believe in encouraging and facilitating our own and our sons’ interest and involvement in social justice. By being involved in the Network, we seek to actively participate and role model this commitment.Some of our volunteer opportunities include:

  • supporting the organisation of annual speaker events;
  • providing volunteers every Tuesday night for the St Vinnies Soup Van; and
  • offering support when needed for the Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project.

Usually we meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month in the Boardroom and welcome any new parents who might want to join. (Our first meeting for 2019 will be on 27th February and thereafter, every third Wednesday of each month.)

The motto of St Bernard’s is ‘Discere et Agere’ – to learn and to do.

Through the SBCSJN we seek to meet the challenge of what will we can DO to make a difference.

Join us!

For more information:

Email: Jacob Sweeney

Or visit us on facebook


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20 November (end of year dinner)

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