Removify will remove your unwanted content – guaranteed. The way you or your business is portrayed online wields far-reaching influence.

Removify is an Online Reputation Management company that specialises in the removal of unwanted content from the internet. This may include fake or illegitimate reviews on platforms such as Google or Glassdoor, defamatory content on social media, and even unwanted search results.

Born and bred in Melbourne, Removify is the largest company of its kind in Australia. Founded by local entrepreneurs Nick Bell and Andrew Whitford in 2019, Removify has won several awards for its innovative services and pioneering technology around online content removal, including being named to the Deloitte Rising Stars list in 2021.

Review Removal Services

Removify offer Review Removal Services across a broad range of online platforms. These platforms include but are not limited to Google, Glassdoor, Product Review, Yelp, RateMDs and Tripadvisor.

Removify’s process of Review Removal is an entirely legitimate and legal one, involving making an application to the relevant online platform. This application relies on the relevant platform’s policies and the Australian law to demonstrate the need for Review Removal. Ultimately, it is the decision of the platform itself to remove the review.

Through development of its own custom technology, the Removify is able to analyse and track hundreds of thousands of reviews, empowering the team to build unmatched expertise in identifying and successfully demonstrating the need for Review Removal. However, in saying this, they are still unable to remove legitimate, honest reviews by customers that do not violate platform policies or the law.

Review Removal is not the only content removal service that Removify offer. They also specialise in Google Image removal, Social Media Content Removal and Revenge Porn Removal.

Review Management Platform

In addition to unwanted content removal, Removify offer companies access to a one-of-a-kind, custom made Review Management Platform that allows them to monitor, analyse, and even generate new reviews.

With the help of this industry-leading platform, companies can manage hundreds of locations and profiles, and thousands of reviews, from a single dashboard. New 5 star reviews can be generated with the AMPLIFY feature, while new requests to remove illegitimate content can be requested with just a few clicks.

This Review Management Platform prevents companies from suffering as the result of negative reviews for days, weeks, months before realising the cause. The built-in WatchDog service closely monitors a company's online presence, notifying both the company and the Removify team when a new negative review arises. Quick action and response to negative reviews is the most effective and the Review Management Platform provides companies with this opportunity.

Removify’s Review Management Platform is the only product that allows companies to improve their online ratings through the combination of accumulating new reviews and removing illegitimate negative reviews. This combination allows businesses to have their most accurate, optimal star ratings on all review platforms.

Why Removify Exist

Removify was born out of necessity. The rise of the internet has simultaneously seen the rise of trolls, spam accounts, anonymous users and blatantly unfair reviews. Witnessing the injustice of companies of all sizes being unfairly and wrongly impacted as a result of the above lead to the Removify business model.

At its core, Removify aim to provide a method for companies to seek the justice online that they haven’t previously been able to.

Contact Details

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