BT Orthotics

A Podiatry business in Essendon that provides a down-to-earth, friendly and high quality treatment approach to podiatry care, along with the most affordable orthotics in Melbourne. Our simple aim is to make the experience with us as simple and unpretentious as possible in order to achieve excellent patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Did you know that Podiatrists not only fix sore feet, but can also help to relieve ankle, leg, hip and back pain? We also deal with patients of all ages, ranging from toddlers to the elderly and everyone in between.

At BT Orthotics, we offer affordable solutions to health. Our philosophy is that health care shouldn't be expensive, and getting your body to function optimally shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Some podiatry clinics charge upwards of $600 for custom-made orthotics, but ours are less than half of that. How? Because we manufacture on site rather than using expensive orthotic labs, which personally guarantees the product quality and reduces the cost of the orthotics for the patient.

BT Orthotics Services include:

-General Podiatry: eg nail issues/cutting, corns/callouses, wart treatments, etc

-Biomechanical Assessment: gait analysis & muscle/joint testing to determine sources of pain or inefficiencies in the body, in order to develop a treatment plan for individual patient needs

-Orthotics: prefabricated and custom orthotics to suit every individual budget. As mentioned, all custom orthotics that are prescribed in the clinic are handcrafted in our own orthotic manufacturing lab.

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Contact Details

Essendon Osteopathic Health Care, 245 Keilor Rd, Essendon North 3041