2020 Fee Schedule & Charges


Year Level Composite Fee* Laptop Fee Ski Camp** Santa Monica** Edmund Rice Foundation Donation Other Levies
7 $8,339 $500     $120 See Below
8 $8,339 $500     $120 See Below
9 $8,888 $520   $1,553 $120 See Below
10 $8,888 $500 $380   $120 See Below
11 $8,888 $500     $120 See Below
12 $8,888 $520     $120 See Below


* Composite Fee includes tuition costs including class based music program, contribution to fundraising for Welcoming Community Group, Parent Engagement Network, Social Justice Network and Old Collegians membership.

** Santa Monica Program and Ski Camp is compulsory and is partly covered by the Composite Fee.


3% - of Composite Fee amount; if fees and charges paid in full by 21 February 2020

10% - Healthcare Card Holders – The Government has now established the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF). To obtain a copy of the form CLICK HERE

For further information visit Department of Education


Please submit a copy of card to Accounts by 10/2/2020.

* In place of siblings discounts the College has available a number of full or partial bursaries for families where there is significant financial hardship. A Financial Assessment will need to be completed for review by the Principal. Please make contact with Stephen O'Shea (Business Manager) bmanager@sbc.vic.edu.au


Levies & Other Charges

Other Levies

Additional payments may be required for certain programs, VCAL, Discere and school excursions/outdoor education camps.

Edmund Rice Foundation

The Edmund Rice Foundation works to support the vision and mission of the Christian Brothers in the developing world and among socially and financially disadvantaged children, youth and families within Australia. This is made possible through your voluntary contribution, which will be included on your fee statement. If you do not wish to contribute, please indicate to the Accounts Department or simply short pay your account by $120 to initiate a reversal.


During September you will be sent a re-enrolment form for your son(s) for 2020. By completing this process you enable the College to forward plan for the new school year. The payment associated with re-enrolment is held in trust and is an advance payment of fees and is credited to your son’s Year 12 fees in accordance with our Advance Payment Scheme (APS). Re-enrolment for 2019 is approximately $545 per student. Late return of form and payment will incur a late fee of $50.

Building Fund

Pledged by families at enrolment, these donations are used to fund new buildings and ongoing capital development at the college - $500 payable to St Bernard’s College Building Fund by 30th June each year. A reminder will be sent separately from the Fee Statement for your convenience. Donations are 100% tax deductible.

Fee Schedule

For all enquiries relating to the fee schedule contact the Accounts Department Direct Line: 9289 1108 Email: