We believe leaders should empower, mentor, inspire and create.

Every individual has leadership potential, we integrate learning about leadership into a broad range of curriculum and co-curricular programmes, encouraging our students to develop their minds and learn from their actions.

At St Bernard’s College we place a strong emphasis on action through learning. This results in the development of leadership skills and integrity, with a focus on how actions can help others. In equipping students with the skills required to live with purpose in a rapidly changing world, we prepare them to think and respond in a constructive and ethical way to the issues that affect people in our community, our country and our world.


Leadership development is formally integrated into the curriculum and co-curricular activities at all levels in order that our students develop ethical hearts, engaged minds and meaningful relationships that contribute to the community.


At St Bernard’s College, we value the significance of leadership as an action not a role and the importance of teamwork within a strong ethical and moral dimension.

We encourage our students to meaningfully connect with local and international communities through volunteering and philanthropic opportunities.