The focus on students who participate in immersion program is to bring their knowledge back to College community and share their knowledge and insights of other communities.

  • Kenya Immersion to Brother Beausang Catholic Education Centre (BBCEC)
  • Students are immersed in sister/brother school and become more aware of the needs of the community.
  • advocate and act on behalf the Kenyan students and others in need on return
  • learn about market finance business to support parents’ wealth development and consequently student education levels
  • Philippines Immersion to Maasinengage closely with Edmund Rice Ministries (ERM) coordinated by the Christian Brothers, Philippines
  • engage in activities that assist and enhance the livelihood and health of the Maasin community.
  • Tree planting in land slide areas, work with marginalized communities such as the deaf and those with physical and mental challenges
  • Youth development and empowerment to encourage sustainable change and foster independence
  • Daly River Immersion to Nauiyu, a predominantly Aboriginal community of about 400 people located 220 kilometers south west of Darwin in the Northern Territory.
  • Partake in and learn about traditional cultural customs and practicesExposure to variety of language groups
  • Aboriginal art education sessionsTrips out of the town with locals to significant places and to hunt animals
  • Kokoda Immersion
  • Students join local business sponsors, students from other schools – government and independent (muslim)
  • Opportunities for interfaith dialogue and increased understanding
  • Cultural understanding of developing country PNG
  • Exposure to traditional ceremonies and interaction with local villagers along track
  • Victoria Police run trip – fostering respect and understanding between youth and law enforcement.




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