st bernard's college houses


Avila House - faith in action

Saint Teresa of Avila was a 16th century Spanish Carmelite nun. She founded a reformed convent of enclosed nuns that focused on encountering God in prayer. May we be inspired by Teresa who believed that the most powerful and acceptable prayer was the prayer that led to action.

MacKillop house - Caring and determined

Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop is Australia’s first canonized saint. With Father Julian Tenyson-Woods, priest and scientist, Mary co-founded the Sisters of Saint Joseph and established schools for poor children. May we be inspired by her energy and commitment to education and care for destitute families and individuals.


mCauley house - serve and inspire

Catherine McAuley founded a community of women to educate poor girls and provide them with a place to live. May we be inspired by the example of love she displayed in visiting the poor in Dublin and by her ability to lead others to follow God’s call.


nagle house - enlighten and empower

Nano Nagle, the ‘Lady with the lantern’, was from a wealthy Irish family. She used all her wealth, and then begged, to fund the education of the poor and destitute. May we be inspired today to emulate her ‘lantern’ works in Australia and Africa, and challenge the unjust structures that keep the people poor.


rice house - victory in unity

Named after two women: Mary the wife of Blessed Edmund Rice and Mary their daughter. Mrs Rice died very soon after giving birth to young Mary who lived with a disability. May we be inspired by these women and their stories of suffering and hardship. May the Mary Rice foundations around the world, specializing in the education of children with physical and intellectual disability, guide our charity and love.